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What sets us apart ?

Gemastro never displays a product that does not belong to its inventory.

Gemastro never uses or lists third-party products on the website

We always buy or manufacture the product first and then sell.

Doing this you will get the actual product at a reasonable price.

Gemastro never sells second hand products or those that have already been used by someone else. Always be assured that the products we sell are 100 % pure and first hand, and in absolutely new condition.

Each of our gems is 100% natural, free of any kind of chemical treatment and 100 % energized. (However, it is advisable to take the name of your lord or the one you believe in before wearing the Gemstone. Wash it with holy water and wear it.)


In our astrology section, Gemastro has its own team of qualified and experienced astrologers with profound knowledge in their field. Gemastro never hires an inexperienced or unqualified person,  with insufficient knowledge of astrology. After all, it is a matter of your health, wealth and prosperity.

However, it is mandatory that you should check your date of birth, time of birth and everything twice before making your payment .

Gemastro will never use inorganic ways to benefit its clients. We always use natural organic ways like Parasher Vidya reading of natal charts to solve one's problem.

We value your money and concerns. Our shipping policy, is therefore, different from others. We make sure that each parcel is hundred percent insured and hundred percent securely covered. You will get the product with the packing materials with the Gemastro logo printed, along with the Gemastro seal (do not open the parcel at the seal if the parcel is broken).


Gemastro believes in happy customers. We always ensure that each and every client of ours should be content at the end of the purchase. However, if you’re not happy with any of the products, do not feel heavy hearted.  Just give us a call and we’ll make sure to do things accordingly and make you smile.


24 X 7 customer support online via whatsapp.


Each of our gemstones is packed in a tamperproof packing box with the GemAstro logo printed on the box.